IJISETR- Archive Vol 5 Issue 2

April-June 2017

An Application of ARIMA Models in Weather Forecasting: A Case Study of Heipang Airport – Jos Plateau, Nigeria
Datong, Godwin Monday & Goltong, Emmanuel Nengak
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Molecular and Morphological Characterization of Pakistani Guava Germplasms
Shariq Mahmood Alam, Armghan Shahzad, Sania Begum, Ahmad Sattar Khan & Muhammad Arshad Ullah
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Dynamics of Supply Chain Management in the Kenyan Construction Industry: A Case Study of National Irrigation Board
Kimondo, J. M. ; R.N. Mutuku & M. O Winja
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Effect of Compatibilizing Agent on Mechanical Properties of Waste Paper and Gracinia kola Filled Low Density Polyethylene Composites
Eze, U. W; Ishidi, E. Y.; Uche, C. A. and Ohanuzue, C. B. C.
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