International Journal of Innovative Environmental Studies Research 3(2):36-46, April-June 2015



Department of Geography, Taraba State University, P.M.B. 1167, Jalingo, Taraba State Nigeria. Tel: 07039271480

The increasing frequency and losses associated with flooding has made it imperative to find ways of preventing flood hazards and its associated risk to the barest minimum. One important way of achieving this, is by obtaining the flood hazard map of the study area. Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing techniques have been successfully applied all over the world for flood monitoring, vulnerability, management and control. This study therefore attempts to fill in the gap in traditional approach to flood risk management by mapping the flood hazardscape of the study area. Data from field work, topographical maps, Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper plus (Etm+ 2015) and Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission were used as base map for the GIS technique. A flood buffer was produced based on 30m, 50m, and 100m distance from the river and elevation height of 118m. The floodscape was zoned into high risk, medium risk and low risk zones. The findings of this study show that most of the buildings along the floodplains of Rivers Lamurde and Mayogwoi in Jalingo town falls within the high risk zone. The buildings are typical of low-cost informal settlements in urban areas. The findings show that, apart from heavy rainfall, encroachment of residential buildings on the floodplain constitute a major cause of flood hazard in the area. The medium risk zones are areas within 118meter above sea level. Beyond this height elevation are considered low risk zone. In other places within the centre of the town, lack of drainage network, small size of drainages and blockage of the drainage channels are the causes of flooding. The study recommends the need to limit floodplain development and enforcement of various legislative provisions on this and emergency planning such as forecasting, early warnings, evacuation plans and post flood recovery measures.
Keyword: Buffer, Flood, Hazardscape, Jalingo and Vulnerability