International Journal of Business & Law Research 3(1):44-52, Jan-Mar 2015 (ISSN: 2360-8986)



Author & Law Lecturer, Faculty of Law,
Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil, Kano State, Nigeria
E-mail -, +2348033335091

This paper discusses the concept of the Law as the paramount Instrument of Social Control in Nigeria. It enables us to know that there are formal and informal means of control. However, the informal means which is usually in form of Ridicule, Gossip, Ostracism and Censure is less emphasized because its impact in curbing deviant behaviour in any society is insignificant. The formal means is through the Law. In order to ensure that there is Social Order in any organised Society, a State must have the two features of a definite population and a legal system. No meaningful development can be achieved in an atmosphere devoid of orderliness. Law seeks to control not only human beings, but also Social Institutions, some of which are direct creatures of the Law itself. It is the duty of law to ensure that the integrity, security and well being of the State and citizens are not jeopardised. This paper also discusses in details and really enlightens us on the seven various methods/techniques of social control through Law which are as follows: The Penal Method, The Grievance-Remedial Method, The Private – Arranging Method, The Administrative – Regulatory Method, The Conferral of Social Benefits method, The Constitutive Method and The Fiscal Methods. There is no doubt that if the various Governments put my suggestions into practice, the commission of all forms of crimes, including Border - Crimes all over the world will be drastically reduced. The Federal Government of Nigeria should ensure that people of integrity are employed to work in all its Regulatory – Administrative Agencies and Organizations that are having the main responsibility of controlling or eliminating crimes. Those at the helm of Affairs should also have unquestionable integrity to ensure compliance of laid down Rules that are targeted against criminals to help ensure that Social Justice is achieved at the end of the day. The Judiciary and the Nigeria Police Force definitely have great roles to play apart from every member of the society in ensuring an effective Criminal Justice Administration. This will enable us to go a very long way in achieving social justice in Nigeria, which is the main aim of this paper.
Key Words: Law, Social Control, Method/Techniques, Nigeria Police Force, Penal Prosecution, crimes, social justice, Law Court, Remedies, Arbitration, Damages.