International Journal of Innovative Information Systems

& Technology Research 11(1):1-15, Jan.-Mar., 2023


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Development of An Examination Result Processing Software For Undergraduate Students: Umar Suleiman College of Education Gashua, Yobe State Nigeria


Ojo Akinwale Michael & Umar Sule


Department of Computer Science,

School of Science,

Umar Suleiman College of Education Gashua, Yobe State, Nigeria

*Corresponding Author:



A number of problems associated with student academic record management include improper course registration, late release of studentsí results, inaccuracy due to manual and tedious calculation and retrieval difficulties/inefficiency. In most cases the data generated by academic institutions are usually created in non-delineated files for use by different departments/units within the institutions with the same data appearing on several of these files. This means that a simple change of address would have to be processed in two and probably three or four places, depending on the number of other files on which these data appears. The development of database concept is the answer to these problems where the amount of redundant data is reduced and the possibility that data contained on a file might be inaccurate because they were never updated. This paper discusses the design and implementation of a student course management database application with Microsoft Access. It also discusses the issues of selecting appropriate database model, interface design for easy result recording, grade point calculation and remarks, for undergraduate, NCE, Diploma and Certificates students respectively.

Keywords: Development, Examination, Software, Students Grade, Test & Exam Scores, Teachers, Application, Results Processing and Database.