July-September 2023

Comparative Analysis of Proximate Composition, Antinutrient Levels, Minerals, and Vitamins in Scomber scumbrus under Various Drying Methods
Felicia N. Okwakpam, Iniebiyo Felagha, Samuel Peculiar Dumbari, Esther Otto
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Evaluation Of Heavy Metals Removal Using Modified Clay As An Alternative For Waste Water Treatment
Kamaladdeen Abdullahi, Sulaiman G. Yammama, Ziyaulhaq Umar and Muntasir M. Rumah
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Qualitative Phytochemical Analysis Of Ethanol Extract From The Leaves, Stems And Roots Of Pterocarpus Marsupium And Crinum Jagus Used As Medicinal Plant
Fatima Wakili Tikau
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