IJBLR Editorial Board

  • Dr. Lembo Tanning
    Department of Economics
    TTK University of Applied Sciences
    Tallinn, ESTONIA
  • Adji Samekto,
    Professor of Law,
    Diponegoro University, INDONESIA
  • Koesno Adi,
    Professor of Penal Law and Promotor,
    Faculty of Law,
    Brawijaya University, Malang
  • Dr. Abdul Rachmad Budiono,
    Faculty of Law
    University of Brawijaya,
    Malang, East Java, INDONESIA
  • Manolo Logroño Anto, Ph.D
    College of Administrative and Financial Sciences,
    AMA International University, BAHRAIN
  • Dr. Aziz Javed,
    Dep’t of Business Administration
    Gomal University, PAKISTAN

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