International Journal of Innovative Social Sciences & Humanities Research

The main aim of theInternational Journal of Innovative Social Science and Humanities Research (IJISSHR) [ISSN: 2354-2926] is to publish original papers in all fields of Economics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Marketing, Geography, Political Science, History, Psychology, International relations, Finance, Accounting, English, Literature, Music, Fine & Applied Arts , Theatre Arts, Religion, Philosophy and other related disciplines with special emphasis on interrelationships between the physical and social environment and human-related processes.

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  1. I have innovated a new social science called “HUMAN ORIENTATION SCIENCE” which deals with signage systems at public places and other guidance systems , having propounded 20 principles – all given in book titled as above. The findings of the book have improved the road signs in major cities of Maharashtra. Copies of the book are found in Mumbai University library and prominent Colleges in State.
    Unfortunately I was not aware of your Journal’s existence. Otherwise I would have definitely contacted you for due recognition and for spreading awareness of this science. My e-mail address is and contact number 09869486657. I stay at Borivali-West Mumbai-400092.

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