• Prof Lan Seng
    Professor of Environmental Chemistry
    Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, MALAYSIA
  • Bright J.A.Y. Sogbey PhD
    National Nuclear Research Institute
    Ghana Atomic Energy Commission
    Accra- GHANA
  • Prof. Khalifa Aif Al-Jabri
    Department of Civil and Achitectural Engineering
    Sultan Naboos University, OMAN
  • Pravat Kumar Shift PhD
    Department of Geography & Environmental Management
    Vidyasagar University, INDIA
  • Abiodun, A.A. PhD
    Centre for Applied Research & Technology Innovation
    Yaba College of Technology,
    Yaba, Nigeria
  • Prof. (Dr.) Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid
    Department of Physics
    Government Postgraduate College of Science
    Faisalabad & G.C. University,
    Faisalabad, PAKISTAN
  • Dilip Kumar Pal PhD
    Department of Surveying and Land Studies
    The PNG University of Technology, Morobe Province
    Papua, NEW GUINEA