IJIISTR – Editorial Board

  • Dr Permanand Mohan
    Department of Computing & Information Technology
    Faculty of Science & Technology
    The University of the West Indies
    Trinidad and Tobago, WEST INDIES
  • Magdy Shayoub Al Mahmoud PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Computer Science
    Faculty of Computers and Informatics
    Suez Canal University
    Ismiallia EGYPT
  • Mubaraka, M. Concrad PhD
    Department of Computer Science
    Kampala International University
    Kampala, UGANDA
  • Samir M. Adam PhD
    Department of Computer Science
    Applied Medical Sciences College
    Taff University,
  • Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed PhD
    Department of Electronics & Electrical Communications Engineering
    Faculty of Electronic Engineering,
    Menoufia University, EGYPT

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