• Prof. (Eng.) Bernard W. Ikua
    Institute for Energy and Environmental Technology
    Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
    Nairobi, KENYA
  • Dr. Abdeen Mustafa Omer
    Energy Research Institute
  • Bright J.A.Y. Sogbey PhD
    National Nuclear Research Institute
    Ghana Atomic Energy Commission
    Accra- GHANA
  • Dr. Andy McConey
    Nile Centre for Alternative Energy
    Future University, Khartoum, SUDAN
  • Prof. (Dr.) Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid
    Department of Physics
    Government Postgraduate College of Science
    Faisalabad & G.C. University,
    Faisalabad, PAKISTAN
  • Dr. Hanadi Mubarak El-Mubarak
    College of Engineering and Petroleum
    Kuwait University
  • Dr. Lembo Tanning
    Department of Economics
    TTK University of Applied Sciences
    Tallinn, ESTONIA
  • Dr. Hassan Fauzi
    Indonesian Center for Social and Environmental Accounting Research